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Gartner Analysis: Why Companies Choose NetSuite

Gartner Analysis: Why Companies Choose NetSuite


The Business Solution:

Are version lock and outdated systems causing headaches with your on-premise ERP? Consider if switching to a cloud ERP is the right move for your business. In this software evaluation guide, we'll dive into why Gartner recognizes NetSuite as a leader and a top choice for managing cloud financials, ERP, and omnichannel commerce operations for businesses.


Legacy Systems Hold Back Business Growth

Most companies running on old technologies are stuck relying on disparate systems, experience outgrowth, drive inefficiencies, and experience a major time-sink with manual processing across all departments.

According to a recent study by Hitachith Consulting, 9 out of 10 decision-makers claim that legacy systems cause inefficiency, drive up costs, and prevent their business from growing. It also revealed that 1/3 of the respondents out of 100 IT leaders (with 1,000+ staff) agreed that their legacy system created a barrier and held back their business. Deliver the best possible experience for your customers and your staff with integrated cloud software..


One of the key reasons why companies choose NetSuite is its ability to eliminate version lock and outdated systems that are common with on-premise ERP systems. By moving to a true cloud ERP like NetSuite, businesses can ensure that they are always using the latest and most up-to-date software without the need for costly and time-consuming upgrades. The ability to gather real-time business data from any location at any time with an internet connection enhances decision-making and oversight over your enterprise.


Oracle NetSuite allows businesses to become more competitive, lower costs, streamline business processes, and increase efficiency.



According to Forrester, “approximately half of ERP customers are on releases that are two versions behind the current release, which may be four or more years old or more.” It’s time to think beyond your disconnected, patched, bolted-on, on-premise ERP system and look to the future!

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For the 4th Year in a Row, Gartner Names NetSuite a Top Cloud Business Solution


According to a new report from Gartner, NetSuite has been named a Leader in MQ for Cloud Core Financial Management for Midsize, Large, and Global enterprises. 


What does this mean?

#1 – NetSuite is ranked a top leader amongst a large market of technology competitors.

#2 – NetSuite is the ONLY leader that serves businesses of all sizes across all regions.

#3 – NetSuite has more customers using cloud financials than any other solution in the quadrant. 

#4 – NetSuite is one of four software vendors in the Leaders Quadrant.

#5 – NetSuite has been recognized for its “completeness of vision and ability to execute“.




Gartner recognizes NetSuite for its ability to provide a complete range of tools and features that help businesses improve efficiency, save costs, and boost customer satisfaction. It's worth noting that NetSuite is the only leader in Gartner's Quadrant that serves businesses of all sizes.

NetSuite stands by its customers, continues to invest in its products, and offers an expanding ecosystem of partners to support, service, and integrate the software. Businesses of every size are upgrading to NetSuite to gain the visibility and efficiency they need! NetSuite was also named a Top Leader in Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises. 


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Gartner's Definition of a “Leader” – Technology Research

Gartner believes that NetSuite is the full package with a complete cloud-based business management suite for finance, accounting, billing, revenue recognition, governance, risk and compliance, global consolidation, and more.

“Leaders demonstrate a market-defining vision of how core financial management systems and processes can be supported and improved by moving them to the cloud. They couple this with a clear ability to execute this vision through products, services, and go-to-market strategies. They have a strong presence in the market and are growing their revenue and market share.

In this market, Leaders show a consistent ability to secure deals with enterprises of different sizes and have a good depth of functionality across all areas of core financial management. They have multiple proofs of successful deployments by customers, both in their home region and elsewhere. Their offerings are often used by system integrator partners to support finance transformation initiatives.

Leaders typically address a wide market audience by supporting broad market requirements. However, they may fail to meet the specific needs of vertical markets or other, more specialized segments, which might be better addressed by Niche Players particularly.” – Gartner analysts


The top cloud ERP offers many advantages like instant insights, efficient processes, and a complete overview of business performance. Say goodbye to multiple versions of the software, customers receive two software updates each year to ensure they have the latest technology with new features and improved functionality.


5 Reasons Businesses Choose NetSuite

    NetSuite smoothly combines all business aspects into one system, simplifying data access without managing multiple systems. This streamlined method ensures essential information is easily accessible, empowering quick and informed decision-making.

    NetSuite is tailored to evolve alongside your business, whether you're a small start-up or a large enterprise. Businesses can grow and change easily with this software. They can expand globally, add users, and adjust to meet their needs without outgrowing it.

    NetSuite offers extensive customization options to tailor the system to meet your unique business requirements. This flexibility ensures that the software closely aligns with your organization's processes and workflows.

    Real-time visibility is crucial for businesses because it allows quick monitoring of operations and enables fast decision-making to stay competitive in the market. It ensures companies can swiftly adapt to changes and optimize resources to maintain their edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

    NetSuite helps global businesses with features like multiple languages, currencies, and tax compliance. This facilitates international expansion and ensures regulatory compliance for businesses operating on a global scale.

    Important Signs That Your Business is Ready to Upgrade to Cloud ERP

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The World’s First ERP Built for the Cloud

NetSuite was named the world's first cloud-based ERP because it was built for the cloud right from the start, providing unmatched scalability and accessibility compared to traditional on-premise systems. The software is fast to deploy, easy to use, and flexible enough to support all aspects of your business.


what is ERP and why companies choose ORACLE NETSUITE


Who Uses NetSuite?

Small, Mid-market, and Enterprise businesses use NetSuite, including both B2C and B2B companies in various industries and sectors. It caters to different industries with features like e-commerce, inventory management, and financial transparency, helping operations run smoothly.

Why Businesses Choose NetSuite:

how much is netsuite monthly - what is netsuiteGlobal ERP designed for a future-facing business

how much is netsuite monthly - what is netsuiteRanked #1 cloud platform in the industry

oracle netsuite solution - THE #1 Cloud ERP - erp software market grewA unified data model that allows customers to maximize their use of data as a competitive weapon

gartner report and the reasons companies choose Netsuite over the competitionTrue omnichannel commerce – a stellar customer experience across all point-of-sale

why oracle netsuite - market size business applicationsBuilt for your industry – capabilities for industries with unique needs like Distribution and Light Manufacturing.

What Types of Users are Available?




Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a tool that combines all business functions into one system. This makes information sharing, reporting, and automation easier across the organization. ERP streamlines processes and improves efficiency. It helps businesses make better decisions by providing real-time data.

NetSuite is an ERP software itself. It provides a suite of applications for financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-commerce, and much more! So, it's accurate to say that NetSuite is an ERP system. It encompasses various functionalities beyond ERP, but ERP is one of its core offerings.




What Does NetSuite Cost?

Pricing is different for everyone and depends on business processes, complexity, configuration, customizations, the number of users, and the scope of the project. NetSuite operates as a subscription model. With flexible payments monthly, annually, or over longer durations—the software can be implemented at a lower upfront cost than many other major ERP implementations.

Researching the ERP software platforms can be complex. We have created a clear guide on pricing and how to start using the platform. Learn more about NetSuite pricing with our latest guide.

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NetSuite software evaluation guide Q & A


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Choosing NetSuite for your cloud ERP can help your business remain competitive. NetSuite offers agility and innovation in today's market. Our NetSuite experts at Protelo have helped hundreds of companies streamline their business processes and achieve their goals. From the planning stages to managed services, our team understands your business.

Our consultants are open, honest, and direct. We drive the right conversations to get remarkable results. Based in Northern California with full-time consultants across the U.S., we provide our services to clients across the country and the globe. 

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