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    Oracle NetSuite Release 2023.1: Operations, Inventory and Supply Chain

    Oracle NetSuite Release 2023.1: Operations, Inventory and Supply Chain


    Ship Central, Item 360, WMS Enhancements and Critical Information for Operations-Focused Professionals 

    The first NetSuite release of the year, 2023 Release 1, is rolled out with the aim of increasing visibility and detail across the organization. This new release offers a range of improvements across the suite in finance, operations, supply chain, accounting, and more— aimed at helping businesses to accomplish more tasks with ease. With this update, NetSuite continues to strive for delivering innovative solutions to streamline and automate key business processes, freeing up time for professionals in these areas to focus on tasks to further business growth. 

    Don’t have time to read the release notes? Below is a list of highlighted enhancements for 2023.1 for COOs, Operations Professionals, Inventory Managers, and IT. 


    Oracle NetSuite 2023 Release 1: AP Automation, Fulfillment & Shipping Improvements,
    Workforce Management & More


    Ship Central   

    NetSuite Ship Central is now available in accounts that use Warehouse Management or Advanced Inventory Management.  

    On your kiosk or tablet device, Ship Central provides packing and shipping capabilities that enable the following functions:  

    • Identify picked items across multiple orders for a customer and pack them at the same time 
    • Pack items in cartons and transfer packed cartons onto pallets 
    • Gain visibility into which items are packed across multiple cartons or pallets and shipped 
    • Ship through carriers that you integrate from ShipEngine 
    • Choose from a variety of shipping modes offered by a carrier: single or multi-package and domestic shipping 
    • Access real-time rates and rerate a shipment 
    • Print or reprint customizable labels, packing lists, and shipping documents through your device. Use printers that you set up in PrintNode, a third-party provider of hosted printing services 
    • Void a shipping label 

    NetSuite Ship Central requires specific installation instructions and currently does not support international shipping and LTL ship methods. Contact your Protelo Project Manager for more information on the implementation and configuration of this feature.  

    Item 360   

    The Item 360 dashboard streamlines inventory planning and management by presenting the relevant information about an item in a single, convenient location. This dashboard goes beyond simple information and provides users with a comprehensive view of their inventory, including key performance indicators, current inventory count, projected stock levels, and notifications for any potential shortages or surplus. Previously, this information was scattered throughout NetSuite, but with the introduction of the Item 360 dashboard, it has been consolidated for easier access and use. 

    netsuite-item-360-2023-updatePhoto source:

    The Item 360 dashboard drills down to item transaction details from the following focus pages: 

    • Item Overview Page  
    • Inventory Page  
    • Purchasing Page  
    • Manufacturing Page  
    • Sales Page 

    Contact your Protelo Project Manager to get started on configuring Item 360 across your inventory operations. 

    AI-Enhanced Item Recommendations 

    Buy Again and Alternative Items are two new intelligent recommendation types that are now available in NetSuite. These recommendations make it easier to upsell, cross-sell and increase your customers’ overall order value. 

    Buy Again – these are specific to each customer and are based on whether items are bought previously or regularly by the customer. If a customer bought an item once, recommendations are based on whether the item is bought regularly by other customers. For example, if other customers buy an item every month, the Buy Again recommendation may recommend the same item for a customer a month after they bought it for the first time. Buy Again recommendations are available on sales orders, estimates, and opportunity records, as well as SuiteCommerce websites. 

    Alternative Items – these are specific to an item already selected and show intelligent recommendations of alternatives to the item based on similarity of item name, description, and category. For example, if a website shopper adds 10 small green shirts to an order, the Alternative Items functionality can recognize there are not 10 small green shirts in stock and may recommend a portion of those to be medium green shirts or small blue shirts. Alternative Items recommendations are available on sales orders, estimates, opportunity records, and SuiteCommerce websites. 

    Protelo can help you configure and set up Buy It Again and Alternative Items. 



    Oracle NetSuite WMS Enhancements 

    Lot and Serial Numbers on LabelsNetSuite WMS has introduced new label templates for lot and serialization. Users can now print pallet or item labels that show the lot and serial numbers of the item. Lot and serialization must be activated via the Advanced Inventory module to use this feature.


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