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    NetSuite Efficiency in 2024: Strategic Projects to Consider

    NetSuite Efficiency in 2024: Strategic Projects to Consider

    As we gear up for the new year, maximizing the efficiency of your NetSuite system becomes a top priority.
    Check out our latest list of strategic tasks and projects designed to elevate your NetSuite experience and close this year strong with a bang. 



    NetSuite Account Preparation: 

    Prepare your NetSuite account for the evolving demands and opportunities that come with the new year. Our dedicated team is here to assist your business with important year-end NetSuite tasks:

    •  1099s & Vendors
    •  W2s
    •  Payroll Close & Reports
    •. Payroll/Enrollment Processes
    •. Budgeting (Project and Multi-budget) Planning & Forecasting for 2024
    •  Retained Earnings
    •  Tax Filings
    •  Currency/Exchange Rate Updates
    •  Fixed Assets – Depreciation and Lease Management

    •  On-boarding acquisitions or sister companies.
    Protelo can help implement, bring in new companies and/or take subsidiaries live.

    •  Physical Count
    •. Mass Price Updates


    Strategic NetSuite Projects for 2024 

    1. Account Reconciliation: Streamlining Financial Processes

    NetSuite offers a new account reconciliation enhancement module to help enhance accuracy and efficiency in your accounting operations. With this module, organizations can effortlessly compare the general ledger, bank records, and other data sources to investigate discrepancies. The result: A faster close, reduced compliance risk, stronger internal controls, and timely and accurate financial statements.

    2. Bank Feeds SuiteApp: Real-Time Financial Insights 

    The latest NetSuite Bank Feeds SuiteApp retrieves bank data daily to ensure that everything in your bank account is reflected in NetSuite. It imports the data directly into NetSuite and assists in the bank reconciliation process to eliminate the manual effort of importing and matching banking data. This SuiteApp ensures that your financial data is always up-to-date, reducing the risk of data discrepancies and enabling quicker decision-making.

    3. A/P Automation: Effortless Invoice Processing 

    Manually entering and paying vendor bills is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone process. NetSuite AP Automation provides a faster, easier and more secure way to process invoices and make payments. NetSuite automates the entire invoice-to-pay process, from data capture to reconciliation, increasing efficiency and reducing accounts payable (AP) processing costs. Get invoice data into NetSuite quicker with fewer errors. Avoid duplicate or fraudulent payments, and take advantage of embedded banking services to pay bills directly through NetSuite.

    4. Bill Capture: Simplifying Document Management

    Implement NetSuite's Bill Capture functionality for simplified document management. Quickly capture vendor invoices with fewer errors by eliminating manual data entry and automating the entire invoice capture process. NetSuite Bill Capture lets you email or drag-and-drop vendor invoices directly into NetSuite. Automatically match invoices with associated POs and receiving documents to ensure pricing, quantities, and totals are accurate.


    5. Supply Chain Improvements: Enhancing Logistics and Inventory Management 

    From better inventory management to streamlined logistics, these supply chain enhancements can contribute to overall operational efficiency:
    •  Landed Costs 
    •  NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management  
      NetSuite Smart Count  
    . NetSuite Advanced Order Management  
    •. NetSuite Grid Order Management

    6. NetSuite Usage Audit: Are you getting the most out of what you pay for? 

    Many businesses aren't fully using valuable NetSuite features. Let us help you discover and use these untapped features for a better NetSuite experience. 

    To name a few:  
    •  Fixed Assets 
    •  Lease Management 
    •  CRM 
    •  Marketing Campaigns 
    •  Quotes 
    •  Estimates 
    •  Vendor Prepayments / Amortization 
    •  Bill of Materials 
    •  Planning Workbench 
    •  Work Orders and Assemblies


    NetSuite Services to Fuel Growth in 2024

    1. NetSuite Health Check & Performance Optimization:

    The NetSuite Health Check provides an in-depth report of your entire NetSuite environment—including custom workflows, scripts and data. The Health Check is an actionable report to help you understand NetSuite better, including where performance can be improved and where enhancements can be made. 
    NetSuite Health Check & Optimization

    2. Integration and Implementation Services:  

    Efficiently integrate NetSuite with third-party applications, streamline business processes and boost efficiency. Explore our NetSuite Integration Services for seamless connectivity.  
    NetSuite Integration Services

    3. NetSuite Support and Administration:

    Access NetSuite technical support and administration services on-demand to match your evolving business requirements. Whether it's troubleshooting, setup, configuration, or any other aspect, Protelo offers comprehensive support to efficiently maintain your NetSuite software. NetSuite On-Demand Administration 


    4. NetSuite Development:

    Extend the functionality of NetSuite beyond its standard capabilities with custom NetSuite development help. Our NetSuite experts have experience developing custom modules, workflows, scripts, and other solutions to perfectly align with your specific business requirements. Custom Development & Project Rescue 

    5. NetSuite Best Practice Guidance:

    Get the most out of your investment with NetSuite support and training from our experienced team. Our consultants deliver tailored training, guidance, and expertise. Explore the wide range of NetSuite services we offer to ensure you're making the most of your ERP platform. NetSuite Services Overview

    Continuous improvement is crucial for staying competitive. Our NetSuite team uses their expertise, industry knowledge, creativity, and honesty to help clients achieve their business goals. The Protelo team has a wide range of experience in various industries, business functions, technologies, and working with businesses like yours. Contact our NetSuite experts to discuss a NetSuite project today. 

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