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    NetSuite Guided Learning: Tips & Benefits

    NetSuite Guided Learning: Tips & Benefits


    NetSuite delivers training resources at your fingertips with an in-application experience for continuous learning and customization.  

    Are you ready to elevate your NetSuite learning experience? With the latest 2023.2 update, NetSuite has included NetSuite Guided Learning in all NetSuite editions at no additional cost. This new tool brings a seamless in-system option for NetSuite education with personalized tips, role-based resources, and interactive guides. Whether you're seeking tips on global search or wanting to learn how to build shortcuts, stay focused in NetSuite and get the help you need quickly.  


    NetSuite Guided Learning Overview Demo


    How do you Access Resources Inside Guided Learning? 

    To access NetSuite’s Guided Learning help features, click the “i” circle button and the guide will expand with the ability to search for any topic. To minimize or close the panel click the x and the widget will save your search topic so you don't lose your place.  

    How to Use NetSuite Guided Learning?

    NetSuite Guided Learning offers a few different ways of seeking information.  

    All display groups
    : This “what are you looking for search bar is an overview of the content available to help you navigate the keywords or questions you are looking for.




    Useful Tools: This button lists the top tools that are available, based on your role and the page you are on, to help you personalize NetSuite. This option provides actionable step-by-step directions to achieve your goal.

    netsuite tips for editing widget in guided learning

    Useful Tools: This button lists the top tools that are available, based on your role and the page you are on, to help you personalize NetSuite. This option provides actionable step-by-step directions to achieve your goal.

    help and support with netsuite guided learning

    How to Disable the NetSuite Guided Learning Floater Menu: 


    As of last week, NetSuite’s new Guided Learning floater menu automatically appears on the right-hand side of every screen in production. To display or hide the NetSuite Guided Learning floating menu, go to Home > Set Preferences and select or clear the Enable Oracle Guided Learning box. To disable globally: General Preferences > Overriding Preferences > uncheck box: Enable Oracle Guided Learning

    how to remove the netsuite guided learning icon

    What are the Benefits of NetSuite Guided Learning? 

    Guidance & Visualization: NetSuite Guided learning will walk you through steps and check off your progress based on what you are currently doing and have completed. NetSuite guides are accessible at any time, even if you have completed them. 
    Personalized Learning: From simple tips to full tutorials, Guided Learning helps to provide you with the content you need most, tailored to your role, and with seamless access to NetSuite MyLearn, SuiteAnswers, and the NetSuite Support Community.

    What is the best way to learn NetSuite as a NetSuite user?

    Getting hands on experience is the best way to learn the system. NetSuite offers online training sessions to help you brush up on different skills in the NetSuite learning portal, offers public resources in the NetSuite Help Center, quick NetSuite answers in SuiteAnswers, and free NetSuite demonstration videos on YouTube. Businesses can reduce the costs of using an outside NetSuite vendor by self-training on basic NetSuite stills. Learn the top ways of learning NetSuite for little or no cost.  



    how to learn netsuite tips and tricks resources

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    Protelo is here to assist with questions, resolve your issues quickly and effectively, and provide your team with the best NetSuite training available. Our direct-to-expert access means that there are no call centers or chat lines to go through to access our NetSuite consultants. Whether you need an expert that’s just a call away—or a NetSuite team to help you reach the go-live finish line smoothly—it’s a fully on-demand service. 
    Protelo’s experts can help with NetSuite projects such as:  
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    - NetSuite Customizations, Development, and Integrations 
    - NetSuite Reporting, Analytics and Saved Searches 
    - NetSuite Business Process Optimization 
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    - NetSuite Health Check 
    - NetSuite Training & ACS Alternatives 
    Contact us with any specifics or questions about your NetSuite needs! 
    When working with Protelo you will receive:

    • Top-Notch Customer Service
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    • United States-Based Team


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