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    Learn NetSuite: Top NetSuite Training Resources For Self-Teaching

    Learn NetSuite: Top NetSuite Training Resources For Self-Teaching


    Whether your company has just decided on a NetSuite purchase, you have taken a new position that requires NetSuite experience, or you just want to brush up your NetSuite skills…

    There are many ways to self-teach for little or no cost.


    Why teach yourself NetSuite as an end-user? It is invaluable to be able to configure NetSuite, create workflows or troubleshoot if there are underlying issues that could be hindering the efficiency of your NetSuite instance on your own. Troubleshooting smaller problems and configuring business processes in-house can save your company time and money.

    Using a NetSuite consulting partner or NetSuite direct will still most likely be necessary for larger customizations or full implementations, but you can cut down on the costs of using an outside vendor by utilizing these resources for self-training on basic NetSuite skills.



    SlideShare is like having your own personal professor in the room. Well, not exactly. But it is a content hub for amazing PowerPoint-like presentations and how-tos. SlideShares are usually more visual and less text-heavy than traditional software documentation, so absorbing the information may be easier. Here are a few of our favorite NetSuite how-to SlideShares.

    Guide for a Successful NetSuite Implementation


    Top Four NetSuite Hacks, Tips and Tricks

    Creating Custom Fields in NetSuite

    NetSuite Shortcuts & Secrets


    Check out Protelo’s NetSuite Tips and Tricks Blog

    NetSuite offers a wide range of search tools and customizations to define important information, filter criteria, and retrieve the real-time data you need from your business. Learn the latest NetSuite tips, methods, formula restrictions, and the importance of using NetSuite’s tools to quickly find information. Our blog features a wide variety of how-to topics to launch your training and set your business up for success.

    Check it out!


    Attend a NetSuite User Group or Join a Forum

    NetSuite user groups are a mixture of online networking, in-person meetings, and training sessions. The groups are either “officially” sanctioned by NetSuite or a more informal group of professionals with an interest in NetSuite. You can find these groups on LinkedIn generally by geographic area (Protelo runs one for Northern California NetSuite users), but most will also have their own NUG (NetSuite User Group) website searchable via Google.

    Reddit also has an unofficial NetSuite forum here.




    This one is obvious—but there is more to SuiteAnswers than just articles. Embedded in many of the articles are how-to demos and videos, as well as flowcharts, infographics, and more. If you’re new to SuiteAnswers, just click the “Help” tab on the top menu bar of your NetSuite screen. SuiteAnswers corresponds to the page you are already on in NetSuite, opening help articles for that topic, but you can also search for a word or a phrase just like in Google.

    Tips for NetSuite help



    While NetSuite has its own YouTube channel, there are many NetSuite provider community channels as well that show step-by-step videos, how-tos, and general discussions on NetSuite. Here are some good resources:

    Protelo's NetSuite YouTube Channel

    NetSuite YouTube Channel


    Attend SuiteWorld

    Although usually not free, reduced-rate “early bird” passes are available for SuiteWorld. There are ways to score a free or reduced-cost pass though. If you’re a NetSuite user already, you may be able to apply for a speaking session or breakout session that will guarantee you a free pass to SuiteWorld. There is also a lower cost “Discover” pass available that affords you expo access with access to NetSuite help stations and many, many expert vendors—though it doesn’t include the speaking sessions.

    Never been to SuiteWorld? SuiteWorld is a conference where you can “hear from peers, product experts, and partners about the latest NetSuite features and tools, and network with the NetSuite community.” SuiteWorld Recap


    NetSuite Learning Cloud Pass

    NetSuite learning cloud pass can be added on to your purchase of NetSuite at any time. Although this is a paid subscription, multiple people in your company can share the trainings (one user at a time, however), making it a cost-effective way to train a team or take a “train the trainer” approach to NetSuite.

    What’s in the NetSuite Learning Cloud Pass?
      • Pre-recorded presentations
      • Student workbooks
      • One demo account per course with 90 days of full access
      • Instructor email support within one business day
    How do you get the Learning Cloud Pass? Talk to your NetSuite sales representative, or your NetSuite solution provider/partner to purchase this module.

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    Whether you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all things NetSuite, or simply need answers to your questions, our NetSuite experts are here to make your business better.


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    Written by, Karah Finan, Marketing Manager

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