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    IDC MarketScape Names NetSuite a SaaS and Cloud Finance Leader in 2024

    IDC MarketScape Names NetSuite a SaaS and Cloud Finance Leader in 2024

    Why did NetSuite make the list? Learn what sets NetSuite apart.

    According to IDC MarketScape, NetSuite has been recognized as a top choice for businesses in search of reliable cloud-based finance and accounting solutions. NetSuite's impressive range of features and capabilities is tailor-made for midsize businesses, providing them with scalability, flexibility, and streamlined efficiency in handling their finance and accounting tasks. Discover why companies are making the switch to NetSuite and learn what sets the #1 cloud ERP software apart from the competition. 

    A breakdown of the 2024 IDC MarketScape Report for Saas & Cloud:

    From this report, we learn that the financial landscape is constantly evolving, demanding businesses to be agile and resilient in uncertain times. There's a noticeable trend towards proactive approaches like forecasting and planning, fueled by a rising need for advanced financial analytics. Mid-sized businesses, in particular, face challenges in staying efficient with limited resources like budgets, staff, and infrastructure.

    These hurdles can hold them back from running smoothly, highlighting the importance of finding solutions that help them make the most of what they have while expanding their operations. Notably, NetSuite stands out as a leader, known for its adaptable and scalable financial management solutions, which align well with current industry trends. 


    why netsuite  - competitors list

    NetSuite offers several key benefits over competitors: 

      • Unified Platform: With NetSuite, you get everything in one place. It combines ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and more into a single platform, streamlining operations and data management. No need to juggle multiple systems anymore! 
      • Scalability: NetSuite grows with you. It's super flexible and can handle businesses of any size, adjusting seamlessly as you expand without needing to overhaul your entire setup or constantly update software. 


      • Customization and Flexibility: Make NetSuite your own. Optimize your processes and workflows just the way you like them, perfectly aligning with your business model. 


      • Real-time Visibility: Stay informed with NetSuite. It gives you instant access to all the latest business information, so you can make smart decisions on the fly. NetSuite makes managing operations, finances, and customer relationships a breeze by keeping everything up to date in real time.  


      • Global Capabilities: Go global with NetSuite. It's got you covered with multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-country support, perfect for businesses with global reach or big dreams. And because it's all in the cloud, you can collaborate seamlessly and access everything from anywhere on the planet. 


      • Built-in Business Intelligence: Get smart with NetSuite. It comes packed with built-in business intelligence and reporting tools that let you dive into your data, uncover insights, and whip up custom reports in a snap. This means you can make decisions based on solid data and fine-tune your performance like a pro. 

      • Automatic Upgrades and Maintenance: Let NetSuite take care of the updates. It automatically keeps your software up to date, so you're always working with the latest and greatest features without any hassle or downtime. 

    IDC agrees that NetSuite can dramatically transform a business by automating manual processes, making global expansion possible, and consolidating enterprise systems into one source. Learn more about the benefits of NetSuite and why businesses are making the switch.  


    Is your business evaluating Cloud ERP solutions?

    As small to medium-sized businesses grow quickly, the need for SaaS and cloud ERP solutions that can scale with them becomes a top priority. Managing, integrating, and maintaining multiple systems across the business can become extremely complex. Software upgrades and customizations often turn into expensive, time-consuming projects that force businesses to run on outdated versions of their business software for longer than they should. Instead of adding more complexity to an already inefficient system, consider making the switch to a cloud-based ERP solution.  

    Why NetSuite? NetSuite built its ERP solution from the ground up in the cloud, which means it’s scalable and agile for continued growth. NetSuite can enable businesses to deliver the best possible experience to customers, employees, and provides the visibility to make enhanced business decisions. NetSuite streamlines operations, effectively manages products, and supports growth. Its adaptability, scalability, and real-time insights empower companies to stay innovative and agile.   


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    Want to learn more about NetSuite? 

    NetSuite has become the preferred choice for companies seeking a comprehensive and future-proof solution to meet their financial management needs. IDC MarketScape’s latest ranking highlights NetSuite’s robust features, commitment to innovation, business optimization, and dedication to customer success. 

    Request a free demonstration today. Our team is here to help you through every phase from software evaluation, competitive pricing, licensing, implementation, customization, and on-going support.  The true benefit of working with Protelo is that we are big enough to deliver, and small enough to care. Contact us for direct access to the experts.

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