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Explore New Capabilities Of WMS In NetSuite

Explore New Capabilities Of WMS In NetSuite


Advanced Warehouse Management to Grow Your Operations


In a fast-paced global digital commerce era, many traditional warehouse management solutions are restricting growth, accuracy, increasing costs, and compromising quality. The warehouse is one of the most essential and often disregarded, elements of a successful supply chain. To extend customer expectations for quick, precise, quality shipping, successful businesses are changing to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).


WHAT IS WMS? Warehouse management is the entire process of operating and managing a day-to-day warehouse. Warehouse management optimizes and integrates activities ranging from receiving orders, controlling inventory, fulfillment, shipping details, and everything in between to increase productivity.



What is Warehouse Management? Processes, Strategies, & Benefits Efficient warehouse management is essential for success as it creates fast, high-quality service that lowers costs, improves the supply chain, and strengthens the relationships between suppliers and customers. Learn why many organizations are turning to warehouse management systems for help.

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Why Companies Choose NetSuite ERP

Having a Warehouse Management System (WMS) as part of your business strategy, effectively helps optimize warehouse operations in these 5 major ways:
1. Visibility over all aspects of inventory.
2. Expediting the receiving process with inbound logistics.
3. Accurate pick and pack logic through the order fulfillment process.
4. Automating processes with mobile scanning and equipment.
5. Easily assess performance, monitor progress, and analyze data.

Easily manage your supply chain, inventory, and back-office with NetSuite WMS.

NetSuite WMS is a robust and scalable warehouse management solution native to the NetSuite platform. With industry-leading features such as mobile RF barcode scanning, wave planning, cartonization, kitting, and space management, NetSuite WMS increases efficiency, improves operational excellence, and lowers the cost for warehouses of any size and complexity.





Key WMS Benefits:

Lower Your Distribution Costs

Improve your margins through space savings, cycle count reduction, and lower labor costs.


Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Win big by increasing your order fill rates and fulfillment accuracy while reducing shipping errors.


Improve Operational Excellence.

Deliver on time and turn your inventory faster while reducing obsolescence and write-offs.

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Key Features

NetSuite WMS offers advanced functionality that streamlines your warehouse operations and ties seamlessly into the core of NetSuite’s business management platform. Key features include:

  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Wireless RF/Mobile Handhelds
  • Advanced Wave Management
  • User-Defined Putaway and Pick Strategies
  • System-Directed Putaway and Picking
  • Order, Cluster, Bulk, and Zone Picking
  • Dynamic Forward Pick Replenishments
  • Cycle Counting
  • Lot/Batch Number with FIFO & FEFO
  • Expiration and Shelf Life Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Multiple UPC Codes
  • Integrated Advance Ship Notice (EDI/ASN/856)
  • GS1 Label and Packlist Printing
  • Inventory Tracking with License Plates
  • Kitting
  • Work Orders and Assemblies
  • Labor Productivity Reporting
  • Warehouse Dashboards



Proven Results

NetSuite WMS takes warehouse management to the next level for companies around the globe. Contact us today to discover more about how NetSuite WMS can work for your business.

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