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    How NetSuite ERP Helps Power The Food Industry

    How NetSuite ERP Helps Power The Food Industry

    Need to ship your produce across the country? Wondering which food products are throwing your inventory forecasting? Learn how a new generation of food and beverage companies are using technology to transform their business in 2024.

    netsuite for food and beverage companies

    According to research by Accenture Strategy, the food industry will rapidly reshape consumption, retailing and production in the next decade more than in the last 50 years. The population is growing, living longer, is more health-conscious than ever before. Technology has changed the game with instant accessibility to groceries, food services, and online ordering abilities. For example, Amazon increased its delivery sales via Whole Foods by more than 400% during mid-March. Can your business keep up?

    With consumers demanding organic, locally sourced, fresh ingredients from trusted sources, every food industry sector has to rethink how they work to stay ahead of the competition and be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It has never been more important for food businesses to match what they sell and produce to rapidly evolving consumer preferences.

    How Can ERP Improve Food and Beverage Operations





    Learn why modern food & beverage companies are turning to NetSuite’s comprehensive cloud ERP solution to run all aspects of their business operations. ERP technology integrates the entire business on a single platform for better automation, growth opportunities, strengths customer relationships and provides the visibility business need to make better decisons.


    The Benefits of Modern ERP Technology

    The good news is there are modern technology solutions available to food companies of all types and sizes that require the agility to respond quickly and adapt their business models. Food companies that run on a modern technology platform are equipped to benefit from the latest consumer trends rather than be constrained by legacy technology. If you want to grow your company with the ever-evolving food industry, you need the right business tools.


    Food and beverage


    As brands experience rapid growth and expand around the globe, they require a platform that delivers scalability, agility, and flexibility with advanced functionality to support this growth with a real-time, unified view of the business. Cloud-based ERP systems can change the equation.

    NetSuite is enabling companies such as PROBAR, Honey Stinger, International Spices, Corkcicle, CraftMark, Late July, and Sea to Table to optimize growth through:


      • Quick and affordable deployment.
      • Ability to scale in support of future growth.
      • Ease of administration and management.
      • Highly flexible with built-in intelligence.
      • Unified view across business operations.




    “NetSuite has been such a dramatic improvement for us. I can’t figure why any mid-sized business wouldn’t go with a cloud ERP model. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.” —International Spices


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