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    NetSuite and RingCentral Integration

    NetSuite and RingCentral Integration


    Integrate RingCentral with NetSuite ERP


    Looking to integrate NetSuite and RingCentral?

    Frustrated with important information living in disparate systems?



    The NetSuite and RingCentral Integration is a powerful tool to unify your phone system and ERP. For your sales force, marketing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and associates that speak with customers—the RingCentral and NetSuite integration can save valuable time and increase efficiency.


    Why Protelo’s RingCentral for NetSuite SuiteApp? RingCentral for NetSuite is a NetSuite-Certified SuiteApp, meaning the product has gone through a rigorous testing and certification process by Oracle NetSuite. Protelo’s RingCentral for NetSuite product is updated and tested for every bi-yearly release of NetSuite and our developers maintain the integrity, safety, and security of the product.

    There are “free” RingCentral connectors on the market that are not backed by Oracle NetSuite and it is not a recommended best practice for ERP to install bundles that may break during future releases.


    NetSuite RingCentral Benefits

    • Eliminate dialing time.
    • Increase efficiency across the sales force, accounting, operations and customer facing positions.
    • Track outbound calls across the enterprise.
    • Integrate RingCentral features into NetSuite for streamlined call management.

    NetSuite Partnership

    Inbound & Outbound Screen Pops
    within NetSuite

    Screen pops within NetSuite identify the caller and pull up their
    contact record and relevant information before the call is answered.

    NetSuite Partnership

    Call Logging & Call Reporting

    Track start and end time of calls, number of calls and who is calling. 
    Keep track of your customer-facing team.

    NetSuite Partnership

    One-touch Dialing

    No more wasted time dialing numbers—enable your sales force or
    customer-facing team to begin and track a call with one click.












    RingCentral and NetSuite integration features:

    What are the benefits?

      • Connect RingCentral to your NetSuite ERP system and manage calls within NetSuite
      • Click-to-dial / one-touch calling direct from the contact record to your VoIP phone or cell phone
      • Access global search from the phone call record / look up multiple contacts without leaving the record.
      • Call from a specific number or multiple numbers directly from the NetSuite contact record
      • Automatically trigger a pop up of the NetSuite phone call record from inbound calls
      • Easily log phone call notes for team access or future reference
      • Add calls to homepage reminders for follow up

    About the integration:

      • Manage the integration in NetSuite’s Telephony menu
      • Easy to install and configure
      • Up and running in hours
      • Unlimited number of users
    • Pay annually per number of users
    Check out the RingCentral for NetSuite Integration at or contact us directly for a quick demonstration.

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